The 2017 Resolutions of a Full Time Photographer | Prattville, AL | Milly Photography

At the beginning of this year I found out I was pregnant with my daughter, Evvie. The first thing I thought to myself (well, maybe not the first thing) was how happy I was to catch a break. Every week I found myself busy with sessions and weddings and also with my part-time job coaching gymnastics. It could have been the pregnancy, but by the end of every day I was just drained. The time came for me to have my little stinker, and I was so excited to spend the next month and a half with my family and not even think about my camera and my computer. Well, about two or three days go by and I can't stop looking at my camera, I have nothing to edit, and my baby is snoozing. Oh my goodness, what am I doing? I am on vacation! I shouldn't even been thinking about taking pictures. But I was. I realized how much I missed my camera, my clients, and playing on my computer. So, I ended up taking a few sessions here and there after two weeks just to fill my empty hole. I learned so much about myself and myself as a business woman in this big leave I took. So, as every other human being, I am creating a list of my resolutions for Milly Photography for 2017. 

1. Take some time out of the month to capture my family: I forgot what it was like to shoot for myself. The only photos on my computer are my wedding, and other peoples weddings. Taking my camera out to take pictures of my sweet family interacting during this break made me realize what I started doing this crazy job for in the first place. I never want to forget the amazing memories in my life because I was to busy capturing someone else's. 

2. Rather than compare myself to others, learn from them: Every time another photographers work pops up on my timeline, so many thoughts run through my head. "How did they do that?" "How come my work doesn't look like that?" "Where is that location?" "What lens is that?" etc. The great thing about where we live is I find myself friends with the other photographers in this area rather than enemies. This year, I will enjoy learning from my friends and continue to lift them up and learn from them rather than compare myself to them. There are so many talented photographers in this state and this year I will learn that I am one of them. 

3. Don't forget why I picked up a DSLR in the first place: I always had a point and shoot camera in junior high. Whether it were selfies, selfies with friends, or other random things I was always taking photos. I picked up a DSLR my senior year of high school and just started you-tubing and googling. Ive always loved pictures, in them or not. I love seeing seniors feel their absolute best and confident. I adore getting to know my engaged couples and playing around with them at their sessions. I fall in love all over again watching them say their vows and love each other on the best day of their lives. I'm not going to complain that, "I have to work today", I am going to rejoice that I get to use the gift my God gave me to give people the memories that last a lifetime. 


I just want anyone that decides to read this crazy long blog, thank you. If you are another photographer reading this, thank you for the community over competition and for your understanding of what we do as photographers and friends. If you are a client or future client, thank you for trusting me to give you what you will see yourself as forever.  If you are family or friends, thank you for believing in me and supporting me every step of the way with my "job."
I love you all. 

While you are here, enjoy Ashleys coffee shop adventure! <3