Senior Session Survival Guide | Milly Photography | Seniors 2017 | Prattville AL

A letter to Seniors From Your Photographer

Seniors are definitely on the top of my list of favorites to photograph! With all of these amazing seniors comes a bunch of questions! They range from weather all the way to looks! I hope that in this blog you can reach what you are looking for in your senior session whether you shoot with me or with another awesome photog out there! (There's a lot of us!) 


    Okay, guys, I am a photographer in Alabama. The first word that comes to mind with that? THE HEAT. About 75% of my seniors want their photos done in the summer, which is completely fine! There are plenty of ways to prepare for and to think about when planning your amazingly awesome summer senior session! 

        1. Water! Not just one, but a lot of water! Normally a mini cooler of six-ten water bottles will be perfect depending on how many people you bring with you. I found myself drinking about three or four in one session! Also, I say bring a cooler because who likes hot water on a hot day in a hot car? Not me! 

        2. Blot towels! These are very necessary for girls and boys! But with girls you need to BLOT! A lot of girls will wipe their sweat which is a complete NO NO! Of course extra make up should be brought as well, but wiping sweat and redoing make up is a waste of time and make up (; 

        3. Cold Towels. This is more for safety and comfort. Hot days are brutal here in Alabama. The night before your session, throw a few hand towels in the freezer, and throw them in your mini cooler before you leave! Walking around with cold towels around your neck in between photos is a great way to cool off and keep the sweat away. It may look weird, but it sure does help with the no A/C while walking outside! 





    Okay, now to talk about the winter shoots(LOL). I know I know, we do have those once every other week cold and windy days! But cold is much less high maintenance than a hot day. Here are some ways to make a cold and windy day less annoying!

        1. Hot towels! Just like summer cold towels, but warm them up instead! 

        2. Personally I love wind. It adds so much character to photos (if it does what I want it too). But if you just hate wind, it will be one of those days to pull of a chic ponytail or awesome updo! 

        3. Water! I know, why would I need water on a cold shoot? Water is so important on any shoot hot or cold! We walk and bend and squat so much, people do not realize how tiring modeling is until they try it. You may not need a cold cooler in the winter, but two to three water bottles should be great. 


    Rain. There isn't much we can do about those good ole rainy days. Most people like to reschedule, but some will bring their umbrellas and learn to dance in the rain! Completely up to you! 





What Do I wear?

    Ahhhh, this question. To be completely honest with you on this one… I have no idea! Not in a mean way at all, it is in more of a everyone is different way. My style compared to yours can be completely different! Here are some tips on how to answer this hard question for yourself! 

        1. Where are you wanting pictures? If you are wanting outdoorsy open field photos, your outfit will be much different than if we were downtown Montgomery. Location plays a big role in what you wear! 

        2. What is your style? I meet so many amazing, handsome, and beautiful seniors every year. One thing I have learned is they are all so beautifully different. Are you boho? Preppy? Sporty? All the above? My biggest advice is just be yourself! Cheesy right? But it is so true. These are your keepsakes forever, dress the way you want to be remember! One of my favorite sayings is, “Dress to express, not to impress!”

        3. Do not be scared to play dress up! This is your chance to go all out and be whoever you want to be! Let your wings fly! 






Where Do I Take Them? 

    This question can go along with what to wear! This session is all about you! You are the star. Where is your happy place? City life? A family members barn? Maybe you like a little bit of both, and that is completely okay! I am just like you in so many ways. This session belongs to you and your heart! This is your story for me to tell! Where do you picture yourself?




I am not photogenic/You have a lot of editing to do! 

    My sweet and silly senior. You are so perfectly imperfect! You say you aren't photogenic, but I say otherwise! Know that I am not here to judge you, laugh at you, or make you look silly. I am here to make you feel your most confident self! I am here to show you that you can do that fierce serious face, and show that glowing laugh. The best way for you to do that, is let me in, get comfortable, and let me help you! I am here to make you feel as comfortable as possible. Your happy and open self is your best self! 

    When you tell me, “You have a lot of editing and fixing to do to my pictures with the way I look!” My job is not to make you look like something that you aren’t. I am not here to make you thinner, curvier, lighter, darker, etc. I am here to tell the story of who you are/who you were in high school/college. Every senior I have worked with has been fearfully and wonderfully made. You are all beautifully flawed. Photoshop is not what makes you perfect nor what makes me a good photographer. Your confidence is my success! 




Do you edit at all?

    Of course I do! Even I have those embarrassing little (or big) zits that pop up the day of your shoot. Or those pesky cold sores from stressing out from school or work. I've got you! I also know that sometimes coloring is not how I want it in camera. I will take it into photoshop to make the color pop more than it already does. Or maybe there is a fierce photo that just shows drama in black and white. Either way, getting it perfect in camera is my main priority, but I always tweak it to make it to make it even better! 



That is all I have for now! If you loved everything, or if I missed anything, send me an email! I would love your feedback! 


                    xoxo, Lauren!